Julianne enjoys a fast-paced personal and professional lifestyle that frequently make it difficult to give Boots Jackson - her toy poodle - the loving and consistent attention that boots desired. The experience of looking for someone to cater to Boots' every want and need inspired Julianne to create a dog walking, nanny and concierge service dedicated to providing the best of care for your beloved pet. If you have spent any time with Julianne, you know about her passion for animals.

A day with Luxe Dog Nanny could consist of solo dog walks and transporting the dog to their scheduled activity - such as a trip to the groomer or veterinarian - while always making sure to be on hand with the dog's favorite treat. Luxe Dog Nanny also provides secure travel for the dog via air or land to a client's second home or to their vacation destination. When our clients are traveling on holiday, we ensure they utilize our concierge services to discover the best experiences for their dog at their upcoming destination. We recognize there are some niche dog services offered not only in Chicago, but worldwide - such as doggy swimming lessons, social hour at luxury hotels and spa days - and we are continuously building alliances to showcase these companies TO our clients as well. It is Julianne's main mission to offer the best service to our clients and dogs.

Julianne has enjoyed working for the ultimate luxury brand, Tom Ford Beauty for the last three years. Over a period of fifteen years prior to her current position, she held positions as the beauty director, store manager, and national buyer for the prestigious fashion retailer, Nordstrom -who wrote the book on customer service. Julianne knows what it means to provide stellar service, to strive for perfection, and, above all, to EXemPLIFY what she learned from Mr. Tom Ford: "When it is your name on the brand, every single detail matters."

As the youngest of three children, Julianne was raised in a very passionate, hard-working family, and she has always valued their opinion and support. With the encouragement and confidence of her fiancee, family, friends, and mentors, she has been working diligently to build this company. Julianne knows with dedication, perseverance, and listening to the client the sky is the limit - literally!